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1776 An Appeal to Heaven Tree George Washington War Flag Necklace

1776 An Appeal to Heaven Tree George Washington War Flag Necklace
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Handmade in the USA. Each is slightly different. This An Appeal to Heaven necklace features silvertone surround on a handmade resin and painted pine tree filling. Made in U.S.A. This necklace was inspired by the flag used by George Washington's squadron. 24" long. Appeal to Heaven

The phrase “Appeal to Heaven” was written by an Englishman, John Locke, in his “Second Treatise of Government.” One of the great philosophers of his time, Locke presented a system of justice that God intended for all humankind, and spoke of inalienable rights that were derived from our Creator, rather than from the laws of civil government. “And where the body of the people, or any single man, is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have liberty to appeal to heaven…” – John Locke, Second Treatise of Government Locke’s phrase, “Appeal to Heaven,” connotes that when all resources and the ability to attain justice on earth are exhausted, an “appeal to heaven” still remains. This concept would become a foundational philosophy in American society used even in the Declaration of Independence. By raising the “Appeal to Heaven” flag, the general of the Continental Army prophetically proclaimed that, despite being grossly outnumbered, inexperienced and under-resourced, with God’s help they would triumph over injustice. Like David raising his tiny sling against a great giant, with heaven’s aid, they would prevail against their oppressors. And they did, becoming a powerful, free republic and a light to the nations, undeniably raised up by the arm of Almighty God. Today, the future of this great Christian nation, formed under this banner, symbolizing eternal covenant, liberty and the power of prayer, is in jeopardy. We are perilously close to losing our freedom and destiny. Yet my conviction is strong: there is still hope for America! We can emulate the strategy of our Founding Fathers and make “An Appeal to Heaven!” If we do, we, too, will experience God’s supernatural intervention. We can. We must. With a firm reliance on divine Providence, Dutch Sheets

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